Character Building – Security

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Course Description

What does it mean to build up biblical characters? What does it look like? The bible is full of examples of men and women of great biblical characters who walked together with God. Their faith and trust in God enable them to be a great encouragement and great models for us. In the Bible, God’s word shows what the true biblical character is like and how we can follow those examples in our lives. You will start a journey through the Bible study, particularly on building up a specific character. You will learn more about God’s character and learn to follow God’s guidance in your life. Moreover, you will develop and refine your reading, reasoning, and writing skills as you build up your notebook through the study. This class aims to help us know God more and follow His teaching to build up our character and apply His Word to our lives.

This curriculum is designed based on the biblical character calendar by the Institute in Basic Life Principles. It expands on it for an extended study through personal journals in the form of quizzes. It is designed to combine both reading/writing and biblical character-building. The student begins to see his Bible as a resource to study from; the Bible’s language and writing style become accessible to the student and form his character. The course is designed for flexible lesson plans that fit the needs and schedule of each family. It is divided into 10 sub-themes on the character of security, which covers different aspects of security and how it is woven into the believer’s life.

Key concepts covered:

  • Biblical character – Security
  • Definition, reflection, and application
  • HEAR – Highlight, Explain, Apply, Respond
  • self-directed study skills
  • enhanced vocabulary/reading/writing training
  • Reasoning and analytical skills

Course organization:

 God enables me to be assured of eternal life

God enables me to rely on Him for protection

God enables me to rest in His provision

God enables me to invest my time in things that last

God enables me to beware of dependence on money for happiness

God enables me to correct unsafe conditions

God enables me to stand on firm foundations

God enables me to replace fear with trust

God enables me to withstand the storms of life

God enables me to trust Him with my future

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